Installing Coderrect with Spack

Spack is an increasingly popular package manager for Linux and macOS that eliminates the difficulties of managing complex software dependencies. Spack is especially popular in the high performance computing community. Spack won the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2019 and is the official deployment tool of the ExaScale Computing Project which is tasked finding the tools and systems to support the next generation of ExaScale super computers in the U.S. Spack can even be used to set up a cloud-HPC cluster in AWS.


This tutorial assumes you already have Spack installed. If you are new to Spack, we recommend following Spack’s Getting Started Guide.

Installing Coderrect with Spack

First download and add the Coderrect Spack repository to your local machine.

$ wget
$ unzip && rm
$ mv coderrect-spack-master coderrect-spack
$ spack repo add coderrect-spack

Once the repo is registered, Spack makes its easy to install and load the Coderrect tool.

$ spack install coderrect
$ spack load coderrect

Coderrect is now installed and ready to use. Spack really does make things simple!

Check out the Coderrect Quick Start page or some of the other tutorials to see examples of how to use the Coderrect tool.