Detecting Races in RedisGraph

RedisGraph is a popular graph database module of Redis that supports using linear algebra to query the graph. This tutorial shows how to run coderrect on RedisGraph for finding potential races step by step.

1. Download RedisGraph and setup dependency:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd RedisGraph
$ apt-get install build-essential cmake m4 automake peg libtool autoconf

2. Run coderrect:

$ coderrect -t make

Running coderrect -t make builds the RedisGraph module, which is a dynamic library. To analyze the library, Coderrect prompts a list of APIs for users to select as entry points:

Analyzing /RedisGraph/src/ ...
   1) AC_GetU32  
   2) AGPLN_AddAfter    
   3) AGPLN_AddBefore                
   122) CommandDispatch
   123) ConcurrentCmdCtx_KeepRedisCtx                             
   124) ConcurrentSearch_HandleRedisCommand

Please select APIs by entering their numbers or names:

3. Select an entry point for analysis:

Enter “122” or type “CommandDispatch“. Coderrect then continues to analyze the library with “CommandDispatch” as an entry point:

 - ✔ [00m:03s] Loading IR From File                    
 - ▗ [00m:15s] Running Compiler Optimization Passes          
 - ✔ [00m:15s] Running Compiler Optimization Passes                                    
 - ✔ [00m:00s] Running Pointer Analysis                        
 - ✔ [00m:02s] Building Static Happens-Before Graph                                                     
 - ✔ [00m:01s] Detecting Races               
 - ✔ [00m:00s] Scanning for additional OpenMP Regions                                      

4. Analysis results:

In a few minutes, Coderrect generates the following results:

----------------------------The summary of races in

==== Found a race between: 
line 389, column 21 in graph/graphcontext.c AND line 385, column 31 in graph/graphcontext.c
Shared variable:
 at line 39 of module.c
 39|GraphContext **graphs_in_keyspace;  // Global array tracking all extant GraphContexts.
Thread 1:
 387|		if(graphs_in_keyspace[i] == gc) return;
 388|	}
>389|	graphs_in_keyspace = array_append(graphs_in_keyspace, gc);
>>>  GraphContext_Retrieve [commands/cmd_dispatcher.c:68]
>>>    _GraphContext_Create [graph/graphcontext.c:132]
>>>      GraphContext_RegisterWithModule [graph/graphcontext.c:103]
Thread 2:
 383|void GraphContext_RegisterWithModule(GraphContext *gc) {
 384|	// See if the graph context is not already in the keyspace.
>385|	uint graph_count = array_len(graphs_in_keyspace);
 386|	for(uint i = 0; i < graph_count; i ++) {
 387|		if(graphs_in_keyspace[i] == gc) return;
>>>  GraphContext_Retrieve [commands/cmd_dispatcher.c:68]
>>>    _GraphContext_Create [graph/graphcontext.c:132]
>>>      GraphContext_RegisterWithModule [graph/graphcontext.c:103]...

	 7 shared data races
	22 OpenMP races

To check the race report, please open '/git/RedisGraph/.coderrect/report/index.html' in your browser

Coderrect detected 7 shared data races and 22 OpenMP races in total in RedisGraph. The full report can be viewed in the browser.