Define Custom Lock APIs

Quick Start

To make Coderrect understand your custom lock APIs, please open your configuration file (the default one is $installDir/conf/coderrect.json), and add the following lines:

    ... ...
    lockUnlockFunctions: {
        "MyMutexLockFunc": "MyMutexUnlockFunc",
        "MySpinLockFunc": "MySpinUnlockFunc"


Lock APIs (e.g. pthread_mutex) are the most common synchronization mechanism used by developers. Coderrect has the built-in support for std::lock, std::mutex, pthread_mutex, and pthread_spin_lock. However, developers may use third-party libraries that have their own lock APIs. Furthermore, developers may create their own lock APIs to fit the special needs.

Coderrect relies on the configuration “lockUnlockFunctions” to recognize these proprietary APIs.


The code below creates a naive custom spin lock and protects simultaneous access to the global variable “x” by using it.

#include <iostream>      
#include <atomic>        
#include <thread>        

struct my_spinlock_t {
    std::atomic<bool> a;

    my_spinlock_t() : a(false) {}

void MySpinLock(my_spinlock_t* lock) {
    bool expected = false;
    while (!lock->a.compare_exchange_strong(expected, true))

void MySpinUnlock(my_spinlock_t* lock) {
    lock->a = false;

my_spinlock_t lock;
int x;

void thread_function() {
    std::cout << x << "\n";

int main ()
    std::thread first (thread_function);
    std::thread second (thread_function);
    return 0;

Let’s run Coderrect with the default configuration:

Coderrect detects a race because it doesn’t understand the meaning of MySpinLock and MySpinUnlcok and determines “x” are accessed by two threads simultaneously without synchronization.

Now, let’s tell Coderrect the meaning of MySpinLock/MySpinUnlock with a custom local configuration file lockunlockfunc.json:

    "lockUnlockFunctions": {
        "MySpinLock": "MySpinUnlock"

The lockUnlockFunctions is a list of key-value pairs. Each pair has the name of the lock function as the key and the name of the unlock function as the value.

Let’s apply this configuration file to Coderrect and try again

You tell Coderrect to load and overlap the configuration file “lockunlockfunc.json” to the default coderrect.json using “-conf” option. Now, Coderrect knows MySpinLock and MySpinUnlock are a pair of lock-unlock functions and makes correct reasoning of the thread interleave.

Support Version

Coderrect 0.7.0+