Analyzing Interesting Indirect Calls

This tutorial assumes that you have gone through one of the three starter case tutorials (OpenMP, Pthread, Make File Based Projects) and have successfully run Coderrect.

To make Coderrect fast, in the default setting Coderrect only analyzes a limited number of indirect function calls (functions that are invoked through function pointers) for each call site. It is because that the number of targets that can be pointed by the function pointer can be large and analyzing each of them is time-consuming. This works well for common cases in practice. However, in cases where a call site has many targets, users can configure “indirectFunctions” to analyze all possible targets called in a function. For example:


In the above, OpBase_Consume is a function from RedisGraph and it contains an indirect call op->consume(op) with a large number of possible call targets:

inline Record OpBase_Consume(OpBase *op) {
	return op->consume(op);

The configuration instructs Coderrect to analyze all possible indirect call targets in the function “OpBase_Consume“.