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Quick Start #

Download and install Coderrect, try our tutorials, dive into the documentation, or read the overview to see whether Coderrect is right for your project.

Install Coderrect

Run these command to download and install Coderrect:

$ wget https://public-installer-pkg.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/coderrect-linux-1.1.2.tar.gz
$ wget https://coderrect.com/x/coderrect-linux-1.1.2.tar.gz
$ tar zxf coderrect-linux-1.1.2.tar.gz
$ export PATH=$PWD/coderrect-linux-1.1.2/bin:$PATH 

Jump Start Examples

Detect race conditions in hello.c, which is provided in the “examples” directory under Coderrect installation:

$ coderrect gcc -fopenmp -g coderrect-linux-1.1.2/examples/hello/hello.c 

Detect race conditions in a make-file based project under the “examples” directory and create a report under the folder “myreport“: 

$ cd coderrect-linux-1.1.2/examples/singlemake/
$ coderrect -o myreport make

Detect race conditions in an executable named “hello“, under the “examples” directory. This command is useful when the project has multiple executables.

$ cd coderrect-linux-1.1.2/examples/singlemake/
$ coderrect -e hello make

Coderrect Basics

Below are the most basics you need to run Coderrect:

Detect race conditions in a single source file.

$ coderrect gcc -fopenmp -g pi.c

Detect race conditions in a Makefile project.

$ cd path/to/your/project/ $ coderrect make

Analyze a Makefile project in parallel.

$ coderrect make -j8

Generate a summary report in terminal in additional to the detailed html report

$ coderrect -t make

List of all Coderrect command line usages.

$ coderrect -h
usage: coderrect [options] [file|dir] 
Options:-h, -help //Display this information
-v, -version //Display versions of all components
-showconf //Display effective value of all configurations.
-o <report_dir>, -outputDir=<report_dir> //Specify the report folder. -e <executable>, -executable=<executable> //Specify the executable name.
-t, -report.terminal //Generate the terminal-based report.
-c, -cleanbuild //Delete all intermediate files.
-mode=[default|fast|exhaust] //run coderrect in default/fast/exhaust mode

Tutorials to help you use Coderrect the first time

With Coderrect installed, this simple tutorial, which walks you through using Coderrect to detect race conditions in a simple single-file multi-thread C software program written using OpenMP.

You can find answers to some commonly asked questions at FAQ.

Learn about common configurations to deal with potential false positives and analyze a library.

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