the most advanced static analyzer for high-performance computing

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Easy to Use

Coderrect Scanner is a command line tool that runs in Linux-based OS and supports C/C++/Fortran source codes, much like a "build" command.

Fully Automatic

Leveraging leading research findings, Coderrect Scanner analyzes software fully automatically without the need to run the software.

Super Fast

Coderrect Scanner detects race conditions in complex software in a matter of minutes in most cases, if not seconds.

Static Analysis

Full code coverage without having to rely on specific inputs and run time behavior.

Support Popular Concurrency Models

OpenMP, Pthreads, std::thread, GPU/CUDA, and more...


Designed for large and complex software, and scalable even for very large code base.

Easy Customization

Easily customized for your project needs.

Easy Integration

Can be easily integrated into CI/CD processes such as Github and Jenkins ...

Fast and Exhaust Mode

A fast mode gives results very quickly and exhaust mode leaves no stones unturned.

Time-Of-Check Time-Of-Use

A highlighted focus on detecting TOCTOU vulnerabilities.

Expanded Support

Support additional types of concurrency bugs such as order violations, mismatched APIs, and more.

Detailed Report

Provide both a terminal report and a detailed html report to help verify the issues identifed and make corrections.


Sophisticated and cutting edge algorithms, finding most critical concurrency bugs.

Shift Left

Capture concurrency bugs early in development. Almost instant feedback and quick iterations make multi-thread programming much more productive.

How Coderrect Scanner Works?


Generate an intermediate representation (IR) of your source code in the form of LLVM bitcode (BC) files;


Perform sophisticated static analyses on BC files to find potential race conditions;


Produce a detailed race report both in terminal and in html format;


Coming soon