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what is the big deal?
– Software code base is growing exponentially;
– Software is getting more and more complicated.
– Software is facing ever-increasing demand for performance and security.

We believe the increasing use of software to analyze software is inevitable.

Coderrect Founders

a startup with an advanced technology
we try harder


Code analysis provides useful and vast information about a software program which help development, debugging, code parallelization, optimization, and more…


Cutting edge algorithms, fast extraction of essential code structure and relationships into a powerful network that enables analysis.

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coderrect team

The team behind Coderrect is talented, dedicated, and born to code — we enjoy code analysis and creating great software to make real world impact.

We are hiring great engineers who enjoy writing clean, quality code and delivering great software, especially people with experiences in LLVM, compilers, and program analysis.

our mission

make software fast and secure